Online courses

The decisions of public officials have important ramifications across both domestic and global political landscapes, often influencing individuals far beyond the physical borders of nation states. The concept of ‘government’ has evolved into a ‘process of governance’ in which various public and private actors ranging from international organisations to local businesses cooperate in the decision making process.

Nowadays, the domain of public policy analysis is considered to cater for the needs of an important knowledge-intensive sector of the economy and society as a whole, e.g. to provide the knowledge and skills needed to analyse policy options and their impact on such issues as social protection financing, effective and accountable governance, sustainable technology, coherent and coordinated aid policies or healthcare management.

Given the growing complexity of the issues at hand, there is an increasing demand for specialists in policy analysis. Moreover, traditional educational settings continue to be a well-suited framework to meet the applicable needs of participants and institutions. However, facing new challenges and increasing time constraints, there is a growing need for innovative and collaborative learning programmes in a lifelong learning setting. Online learning programmes can greatly contribute to this new framework, by continuously providing scholars, from all over the world and with different backgrounds, with a comprehensive combination of up-to-date theoretical insights, modern educational tools, technical and social skills and sector-specific knowledge to put theory into practice.

UNU-MERIT and its School of Governance provide courses for professionals and scholars from all over the world in policy design, policy analysis and methods and techniques of policy research. In order to accommodate the needs of the participants to the greatest extent, these courses can be offered entirely online, in a blended learning setup, or as a classical face-to-face course.