UNU-MERIT Working Paper Series

Image: Herman Pijpers / UNU-MERIT

Only Working Papers by UNU-MERIT researchers or affiliated researchers are eligible for publication on this website. Before submitting a paper, please read the Note to the Authors.


2024-010 Expanding horizons: The impact of post-doctoral mobility grants on research diversification
Yağmur Yıldız, Diego Chavarro, Fabiana Visentin & Tommaso Ciarli
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2024-009 From drains to bridges: The role of internationally mobile PhD students in linking non-mobile with foreign scientists
Rodrigo Ito, Diego Chavarro, Tommaso Ciarli, Robin Cowan & Fabiana Visentin
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2024-008 Strategies of search and patenting under different IPR regimes
Robin Cowan, Nicolas Jonard & Ruth Samson
full text | abstract
2024-007 The power of narratives: How framing refugee migration impacts attitudes and political support towards refugees
Tobias Hillenbrand, Bruno Martorano, Laura Metzger & Melissa Siegel
full text | abstract
2024-006 Migration and Consumption
Roberta Misuraca & Klaus F. Zimmermann
full text | abstract
2024-005 Green window of opportunity through global value chains of critical minerals: An empirical test for refining copper and lithium industries
Jorge Valverde & Alejandro Micco
full text | abstract
2024-004 Estimating the wage premia of refugee immigrants: Lessons from Sweden
Christopher F Baum, Hans Lööf, Andreas Stephan & Klaus F. Zimmermann
full text | abstract
2024-003 Higher Educational Systems and E-resilience
Mindel van de Laar, Julieta Marotta & Lisa de Graaf
full text | abstract
2024-002 Evidence on an endogenous growth model with public R&D
Thomas Ziesemer
full text | abstract
2024-001 The green transformation as a new direction for techno-economic development
Rasmus Lema & Carlota Perez
full text | abstract