UNU-MERIT Working Paper Series

Image: Herman Pijpers / UNU-MERIT

Only Working Papers by UNU-MERIT researchers or affiliated researchers are eligible for publication on this website. Before submitting a paper, please read the Note to the Authors.


2021-008 COVID-19 policy responses, mobility, and food prices: Evidence from local markets in 47 low to middle income countries
Stephan Dietrich, Valerio Giuffrida, Bruno Martorano & Georg Schmerzeck
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2021-007 Deepening or delinking? Innovative capacity and global value chain participation in the ICT sectors
Rasmus Lema, Carlo Pietrobelli, Roberta Rabellotti & Antonio Vezzani
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2021-006 Macroeconomic stimulus packages and income inequality in developing countries: Lessons from the 2007-9 Great Recession for the Covid-19 crisis in South Africa
Alexis Habiyaremye, Peter Jacobs, Olebogeng Molewa & Pelontle Lekomanyane
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2021-005 Patent landscaping using 'green' technological trajectories
Önder Nomaler & Bart Verspagen
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2021-004 Democracy and COVID-19 Outcomes
Gokhan Karabulut, Klaus F. Zimmermann, Mehmet Huseyin Bilgin & Asli Cansin Doker
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2021-003 Labour-augmenting technical change data for alternative elasticities of substitution, growth, slowdown, and distribution dynamics
Thomas Ziesemer
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2021-002 Access to social protection for platform and other non-standard workers: A literature review
Tamara A. Kool, Giulio Bordon & Franziska Gassmann
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2021-001 Transformation towards sustainable development goals: Role of innovation ecosystems for inclusive, disruptive advances in five Asian case studies
Michiko Iizuka & Gerald Hane
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