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2019-004 FDI, multinationals and structural change in developing countries
André Pineli, Rajneesh Narula & René Belderbos
Forthcoming in: Alcorta, L.,Szirmai, A., Verpagen, B. And Foster-McGregor, N. (eds) 'New Perspectives on Structural Change: Causes and Consequences of Structural Change in the Global Economy', Oxford University Press, 2020 .
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2019-003 What gains and distributional implications result from trade liberalization?
Maria Bas & Caroline Paunov
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2019-002 Do young innovative companies create more jobs? Evidence from Pakistani textile firms
Waqar Wadho, Micheline Goedhuys & Azam Chaudhry
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2019-001 From "destructive creation" to "creative destruction": Rethinking Science, Technology and innovation in a global context
Luc Soete
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