Online courses: Overview

When employed full-time, it is not always possible to keep up with developments in your field. Faced with new challenges and time constraints, there is a growing need for innovative and collaborative learning programmes in a lifelong learning setting. For working professionals keen to expand their expertise in public policy, we offer a selection of online and blended courses.

Our online learning programmes offer a comprehensive combination of up-to-date theoretical insights, modern educational tools, technical and social skills and sector-specific knowledge to put theory into practice. Guided by experienced tutors, we support learning, engage in discussions and develop new skills by offering assignments.

We provide courses for professionals and scholars from all over the world in policy design, policy analysis and methods and techniques of policy research. To accommodate the needs of participants, these courses are available as single online courses but also as certificate programmes and blended learning programmes. In case of specific needs, we also design tailor-made online course packages upon request.

Our selection of online courses reflects the interest and expertise of our institute. Each course includes a guided narrative with examples and self-assessment options. The lectures by our thematic experts direct you each week towards the main learning points. Readings will deepen your understanding of the topic, and during the tutorial sessions, we will discuss the readings from various perspectives. Throughout the course running, there is a discussion board available to ask your questions to your peers or the tutor. Each course closes with an assignment and (taped) oral exam. Upon successful course completion, you will receive an online educational badge.

The Online Courses we offer are:

  • Comparative Migration Policy
  • Economics of Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship Policy
  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries Research
  • Governance in Theory and Practice
  • Impact Evaluation of Policies and Programmes: Estimation and Analysis of Causal Impacts
  • Introduction to Impact Evaluation of Policies and Programmes
  • Introduction to Migration Studies
  • Introduction to Political Science
  • Introduction to Social Protection for the Poor
  • Migration and Remittances Effects
  • Public Policy Analysis
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • The Public Policy Process

The Offering of Online Course Certificate Programmes:

Several combinations of online courses also result in an online course certificate programme. To complete the online Course certificate programme, you will need to:

  • Complete the three courses, including a final assignment and oral exam
  • Complete the Certificate programme assignment
  • Complete the assignment discussion sessions with your tutor and peers


Upon completion of the Certificate programme, an Online Certificate Programme  Certification – for the combined educational activities accounting for 7 ECTS equivalence credits (2 ECTS equivalence credits per course and 1 ECTS equivalence credit for the final assignment)

The Certificate programmes currently available are:

The Public Policy track in Social Protection
Course 1: The Public Policy Process
Course 2: Public Policy Analysis
Course 3: Policy Analysis in Social Protection

Governance and Policy Evaluation
Course 1: Governance in Theory and Practice
Course 2: Introduction to Impact Evaluation of Policies and Programmes
Course 3: Impact Evaluation of Policies and Programmes: Estimation and Analysis of Causal Impact

Course 1: Introduction to Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries Research
Course 2: Entrepreneurship Policy
Course 3: Social Entrepreneurship

Costs: 1750 Euros