Latest Publications

Marotta, Julieta & Laura Lora, Jan 2024, May I Access My Right to be Heard?, Children's Rights research blog series, More information

Marotta, Julieta & Mindel van de Laar, Feb 2024, The Unknowing Force of Education: Lessons from the Pandemic, More information

Ziesemer, Thomas, 2024, Evidence on an endogenous growth model with public R&D, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2024-002

Wu, Lichao, Lili Wang, Niels J. Philipsen & Xinyi Fang, 2024, The impact of eco-innovation on environmental performance in different regional settings: new evidence from Chinese cities, Environment, Development and Sustainability, DOI:, More information

Piro, Fredrik, Marco Seeber & Lili Wang, 2024, Regional and sectoral variations in the ability to attract funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Program and Horizon 2020, Scientometrics, DOI:, More information

Mazzeo Ortolani, Giovanna , Aregawi G. Gebremariam & Federico Biagi, 2024, Old-age workers transition into retirement and risk of poverty, evidence from 25 European Union countries using SHARE data, More information

, Feb 2024, Connecting the Dots: The Role of Internationally Mobile Scientists in Linking Nonmobile with Foreign Scientists

Ito, Rodrigo, Diego Chavarro, Tommaso Ciarli, Robin Cowan & Fabiana Visentin, Feb 2024, Connecting the Dots: The Role of Internationally Mobile Scientists in Linking Nonmobile Scientists With Foreign Scientists, Inter-American Development Bank, Washington DC, IDB Working Paper Series 1544, More information

Patsali, Sofia, Pezzoni Michele & Fabiana Visentin, 2024, Research independence: Drivers and impact on PhD students’ careers, Studies in Higher Education, DOI: 10.1080/03075079.2024.2314584, More information

Morel Berendson, Ricardo, 2024, Beyond money metrics: Essays on Multidimensional Poverty, PhD dissertation Maastricht University

Salguero-Huaman, Jacqueline, 2024, Making trade work for gender equality: Essays on the trade and gender nexus in developing countries, PhD dissertation Maastricht University

Soares Martins Neto, Antonio, 2024, Essays on Technology Adoption and the Labour Market, PhD dissertation Maastricht University

Collazos Ortiz, Maria, 2024, On the political economy of resource rents distribution: insights from a developing and decentralized country, PhD dissertation Maastricht University, More information

Lema, Rasmus & Carlota Perez, 2024, The green transformation as a new direction for techno-economic development, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2024-001

Silva Vargas, Mariajose, 2024, Beyond Boundaries: Integrating Refugees and Consolidating Farmland. Essays in experimental and development economics, PhD dissertation Maastricht University, More information

Volante, Louis & Paola Mattei, 2024, The politicization of PISA in evidence-based policy discourses, Policy Futures in Education, More information

Huang, Guogui, Fei Guo, Lucy Taksa, Zhiming Cheng, Massimiliano Tani, Lihua Liu, Klaus F. Zimmermann, Marika Franklin & S. Sandun Malpriya Silva, 2024, Changing impact of COVID-19 on life expectancy 2019–2023 and its decomposition: Findings from 27 countries, SSM - Population Health, 25(3), DOI: 10.1016/j.ssmph.2023.101568

Ziesemer, Thomas, 2024, Mission-oriented R&D and growth of Japanrn1988–2016: a comparison with private and public R&D, Economics of Innovation and New Technology, 33(2): 218-247, DOI:

Bruder, Maximilian & Thomas Baar, 2024, Innovation in humanitarian assistance—a systematic literature review, Journal of International Humanitarian Action, DOI:, More information

Confraria, Hugo, Tommaso Ciarli & Ed Noyons, 2024, Countries' research priorities in relation to the Sustainable Development Goals, Research Policy, 53(3), DOI: 10.1016/j.respol.2023.104950, More information

Es-Sadki, Nordine, Aishe Khalilova & Hugo Hollanders, Jan 2024, European Innovation Scoreboard – Identification and treatment of outliers, Report commissioned by European Commission, DG Research and Innovation, More information

Tomai, Maria, Shyama V. Ramani & Georgios Papachristos, 2024, How Can We Design Policy Better? Frameworks and Approaches for Sustainability Transitions, Sustainability, DOI:, More information

Angulo-Guerrero, María J., Elena Bárcena-Martín, Samuel Medina-Claros & Salvador Pérez-Moreno, 2024, Labor Market Regulation and Gendered Entrepreneurship: A Cross-national Perspective, Small Business Economics, Online, DOI: 10.1007/s11187-023-00776-0, More information

Bárcena-Martín, Elena, María C. Blanco-Arana & Salvador Pérez-Moreno, 2024, Evaluating the Effectiveness of Social Transfer Policies on Poverty for Children with Previous Experience in Poverty, Journal of Family and Economic Issues, Online, DOI: 10.1007/s10834-023-09939-3, More information

Wollburg, Philip, Yannick Valentin Markhof, Thomas Bentze & Giulia Ponzini, Jan 2024, The Impacts of Disasters on African Agriculture: New Evidence from Micro-Data, World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 10660, Washington, D.C, More information

Wong, Pui-hang & Russell TN Wong, 2024, Strategic Complementarity and the Rise of Polarization: Theory and Evidence, Allied Social Science Associations Annual Meeting, San Antonio, TX, USA, 5 - 7 Jan 2024, More information

Collazos Ortiz, Maria & Pui-hang Wong, 2024, The effects of resource rents and elections on human capital investment in Colombia, Resources Policy, 89, DOI: 10.1016/j.resourpol.2023.104578, More information

Wong, Pui-hang, Ortrun Merkle & Melissa Siegel, 2024, Remittance Receivers as Targets for Corruption in Latin America, Journal of Development Studies, 60(2): 324-343, DOI: 10.1080/00220388.2023.2265526, More information

Campi, Mercedes, Marco Dueñas & Tommaso Ciarli, 2024, Do creative industries enhance employment growth? Regional evidence from Colombia, Regional Studies, 58(3): 425-441, DOI:, More information

Torres Chedraui, Ana Maria & Pui-hang Wong, 2024, A stranger at home? A multilevel analysis of anti-Muslim sentiment in Western European societies, Ethnicities, 24(1): 57-77, DOI: 10.1177/14687968221149, More information

Zhao, Wenjing, Lin Zhang, Junling Wang & Lili Wang, 2024, How has academia responded to the urgent needs created by COVID-19?: A multi-level global, regional and national analysis, Journal of Information Science, DOI: 10.1177/01655515221084646, More information

Salazar, Leire, Carlos Gil Hernandez, Davide Villani, Guillem Vidal Lorda, Enrique Fernandez Macias, Giovanna Mazzeo Ortolani & Sergio Torrejon Perez, 2023, Social Classes in the Digital Age, 2022-2023 Seminar Series Highlights, More information

Wintjes, René & Serdar Turkeli, Jan 2023, Regional reports on the evaluation of Responsible Research and Innovation Ecosystems at Regional Scale: D5.3 RRI2SCALE results and impacts, keywords: monitoring evaluation responsible innovation regions, More information

Huang, Guogui, Fei Guo, Lucy Taksa, Zhiming Cheng, Massimiliano Tani, Lihua Liu, Klaus F. Zimmermann & Marika Franklin, 2023, Decomposing the differences in healthy life expectancy between migrants and natives: the “healthy migrant effect” and its age variations in Australia, Journal of Population Research, 41(3), More information

Huang, Guogui, Fei Guo, Zhiming Cheng, Lihua Liu, Klaus F. Zimmermann, Lucy Taksa, Massimiliano Tani & Marika Franklin, 2023, Nativity in the healthy migrant effect: Lessons from Australia, SSM-Population Health, More information

Constant, Amelie, Simone Schüller & Klaus F. Zimmermann, 2023, Ethnic spatial dispersion and immigrant identity, Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies, More information

Huang, Guogui, Fei Guo, Zhiming Zhiming, Klaus F. Zimmermann, Lihua Liu, Lucy Taksa, Marika Franklin & Max Tani, 2023, The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on life expectancy in 27 countries, Scientific Reports, 13(8911), More information

Pietrobelli, Carlo, Beatriz Calzada Olvera, Michiko Iizuka & Caio Torres Mazzi, 2023, Suppliers' entry, upgrading, and innovation in mining GVCs: lessons from Argentina, Brazil, and Peru, Industrial and Corporate Change, DOI:

Hollanders, Hugo & Nordine Es-Sadki, Jul 2023, Regional Innovation Scoreboard 2023, Report commissioned by European Commission, Directorate-General for Research and Innovation, More information

Hollanders, Hugo, Nordine Es-Sadki & Aishe Khalilova, Jul 2023, European Innovation Scoreboard 2023, Report commissioned by European Commission, Directorate-General for Research and Innovation, More information

Marotta, Julieta & A Parise, 2023, El aprendizaje basado en problemas (ABP) y la consolidación de un derecho antidiscriminatorio en el marco del Covid-19, in: Piccone, M. V., Lambrecht, M. P. (eds), Prácticas de la enseñanza y la investigación en Ciencias Jurídicas: Innovaciones curriculares para la transverzalización de la perspectiva de género-s y derechos humanos, Sociedad Argentina de Sociología Jurídica (SASJu), Córdoba, More information

Rataj, Olga & Serdar Turkeli, 2023, Success factors for scaling up and raising investment by circular entrepreneurs in emerging market and developing economies, Circular Economy and Sustainability Journal: 1-26, DOI:, More information

Pérez-Moreno, Salvador, Elena Bárcena-Martín & Jo Ritzen, 2023, Institutional Convergence and a Lingering Two-Speed Euro Area: A Response, Journal of Contemporary European Studies, 31(1): 106-110, DOI: 10.1080/14782804.2021.1934657, More information

García-Pardo, Francisca, Salvador Pérez-Moreno & Elena Bárcena-Martín, 2023, Leaving No Country Behind: A Fuzzy Approach for Human Development, Journal of Human Development and Capabilities, 24(1): 1-23, DOI: 10.1080/19452829.2022.2104824, More information

Bárcena-Martín, Elena, Elías Melchor-Ferrer & Salvador Pérez-Moreno, 2023, Assessing Regional Convergence of the Size of Middle Classes in Euro-Mediterranean Countries, Regional Studies, Regional Science, 10(1): 659-675, DOI: 10.1080/21681376.2023.2229421, More information

Arestis, Philip, Elena Bárcena-Martín, Natalia Martín-Fuentes & Salvador Pérez-Moreno, 2023, Foreign Direct Investment Openness and Income Classes in Europe around the Great Recession, Economic Research, 36(3): 2163270, DOI: 10.1080/1331677X.2022.2163270, More information

Marotta, Julieta & A Parise, Dec 14, 2023, Nuevos contextos para los métodos activos y pasivos de enseñanza en ciencias jurídicas, Conversatorio sobre métodos de enseñanza en ciencias jurídicas: Tradición e Innovación en el siglo XXI

Celbis, Mehmet Guney, Nathalie Havet & Louafi Bouzouina, 2023, A Non-linear and Interaction Effect Analysis of Distance and Transport Accessibility on Bicycle Use: the Example of the University Staff in Lyon (France), Romanian Journal of Regional Science, 17(2), DOI: 10.61225/rjrs.2023.06, More information

Consentino de la Vega, Rafael, 2023, Structural change and income inequality: a meta-analysis, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2023-046

Wong, Pui-hang, Karima Kourtit & Peter Nijkamp (eds.), 2023, Modelling Pandemic Impacts in Space, Letters in Spatial and Resource Sciences, Special Issue, More information