Latest Publications

Natorski, Michal, Mar 27, 2019, Follow the multilateral script: International Organizations and the socio-economic reforms after domestic upheavals, International Studies Association 60th Annual Convention, Toronto (Canada)

Natorski, Michal & Israel Solorio, 2019, Public policies and the diffusion of the wind power technology in LAC countries: A comparison between Brazil, Mexico, and Chile, Research report commissioned by the Inter-American Development Bank (Competitiveness, Technology and Innovation Division)

Muzyamba, Choolwe, 2019, Local people’s views on the evidence-based skilled-maternal-care in Mfuwe, Zambia: a qualitative study, BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth, 19(135), More information

Torres Mazzi, Caio, 2019, Brazilian exporters and the rise of Global Value Chains: an empirical assessment, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2019-014

Dosi, G., Nanditha Mathew & Emanuele Pugliese, 2019, What a firm produces matters: diversification, coherence and performance of Indian manufacturing firms, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2019-013

Giulietti, Corrado, Mirco Tonin & Michael Vlassopoulos, 2019, Racial Discrimination in Local Public Services: A Field Experiment in the United States, Journal of the European Economic Association, 17(1): 165-204, More information

Zimmermann, Klaus F., Apr 2019, Gaps and Challenges of Migration Policy Advice: The German Experience, in: Ruhs, M., Palme, J. and Tamas, K, Bridging the Gaps: Linking Research to Public Debates and Policy Making on Migration and Integration, Oxford University Press, UK, More information

Kleine Deters, Bart, Apr 03, 2019, Does the right to education lead to better education outcomes?, Presented at the Socio-Legal Studies Association Annual Conference, at Leeds, UK

Mueller, Charlotte, Apr 2019, ‘We, not they’ – Changing the narrative & strengthening local research for the SDGs across Africa, UNU-MERIT Blog, More information

Muzyamba, Choolwe, Wim Groot, Milena Pavlova & Sonila Tomini, 2019, Factors associated with choice of antenatal, delivery and postnatal services between HIV positive and HIV negative women in Zambia, BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth, 19(127), More information

Alberola, Clara & Chiara Janssen, Mar 2019, Action Knowledge Transfer on Migrant Smuggling and Trafficking by Air and Document Fraud, Commissioned by ICMPD through the Mobility Partnership Facility with financial support from the European Union, More information

Falvey, Rod & Neil Foster-McGregor, 2019, The breadth of preferential trade agreements and the margins of exports, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2019-012

Turkeli, Serdar, Beijia Huang, Agata Stasik & René Kemp, 2019, Circular Economy as a Glocal Business Activity: Mobile Phone Repair in the Netherlands, Poland and China, Energies, 12(3): 498-520, More information

Strain, Zachary, Clara Alberola & Rufus Horne, 2019, Migration Routes in West and Central Africa & East and Horn of Africa - 2018 Update, Commissioned by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, More information

Arundel, Anthony, Rachel Taylor & Nuttaneeya (Ann) Torugsa, 2019, Thriving within the turbulence: A complexity theorizing approach to social innovation in non-profit organizations, in: Dogru C, Handbook of Research on Contemporary Approaches in Management and Organizational Strategy, IGI Global, Hershey, Pennsylvania

Foster-McGregor, Neil, Önder Nomaler & Bart Verspagen, 2019, Job automation risk, economic structure and trade: a European perspective, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2019-011

Confraria, Hugo, 2019, Developing scientific capacity in the Global South, PhD Dissertation Maastricht University / United Nations University

Merkle, Ortrun, Mar 30, 2019, Sextortion – A Case for Including Gender Norms in Corruption Research?, International Studies Association Annual Conference 2019 - Panel: Integrating Gender into International Security Studies, More information

Tomai, Maria, 2019, Where will the Circular Economy drive Europe and the world?, UNU-MERIT, More information

Cathles, Alison, 2019, Educational Pathways and Skills: Past, Present and Future, PhD dissertation Maastricht University / United Nations University

Volante, Louis, Don A. Klinger, Melissa Siegel & Leena Yahia, 2019, Raising the achievement of immigrant students: Towards a multi-layered framework for enhanced student outcomes, Policy Futures in Education, Online(March 22), More information

Nour, Samia S. O. M., 2019, Migration of higher education students from the North Africa region, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2019-010

Nour, Samia S. O. M., 2019, Knowledge economy and economic development in the Arab region, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2019-009

Le, Nga, Wim Groot, Sonila Tomini & Florian Tomini, 2019, Health insurance and self-employment transitions in Vietnam, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2019-008

Tesfaye, Wondimagegn, 2019, Essays on the Impacts of Climate-Smart Agricultural Innovations on Household Welfare, PhD dissertation Maastricht University / United Nations University

Cevikarslan, Salih, 2019, Innovation Strategies and their Implications for Technological Change and Market Outcomes: An Evolutionary Multi-Agent Based Modelling Approach, PhD dissertation Maastricht University / United Nations University

Keijser, Charlotte, 2019, Firm Participation, Learning and Innovation in Heterogeneous Value Chains of IT-enabled Services: The case of South Africa, PhD dissertation Maastricht University / United Nations University

Muzyamba, Choolwe, 2019, “This conflict has turned me into a Doctor, Nurse and Nutritionist at the same time”: how peer support among HIV-positive IDPs created opportunities for care in conflict-stricken Kabaré, Congo DR, BMC Research Notes, 12(126), More information

Marchand, Katrin, Veronika Fajth, Zachary Strain, Clotilde Mahé & Melissa Siegel, Mar 2019, Patterns of Migration in the European Union, H2020 REMINDER Working Paper, More information

Perera, Marcelo & Diego Aboal, 2019, The impact of a mathematics computer-assisted learning platform on students' mathematics test scores, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2019-007

Wong, Pui-hang & Mehmet Guney Celbis, 2019, Human Rights, Income and International Migration, International Migration, More information

Dima, Bogdan & Miruna Nachescu (eds.), 2019, Dynamics of Product Complexity in Africa: Structural Estimation Using Structuralists Model, Journal of Heterodox Economics, 4(1): 11-36, More information

Habiyaremye, Alexis & I. Turok, 2019, Urban-rural collaboration part of the recipe for balanced development (Op-ed article), The Daily Maverick, January 7, More information

Habiyaremye, Alexis, 2019, Rural innovation adoption pitfalls: The case of interrupted diffusion of sericulture among Rwandan farmers, in: Jacobs, P.(ed), Equitable rural socio economic change, HSRC Press, Cape Town

Habiyaremye, Alexis, 2019, Knowledge exchange and innovation co-creation in living labs projects in South Africa, Innovation and Development, online, More information

Habiyaremye, Alexis, 2019, Regional Integration and Knowledge Flows: Effect on Manufacturing Productivity in Southern Africa, in: Oloruntoba, S and M. Muchie (eds), Innovation, Regional Integration, and Development in Africa, Springer, Cham, 213-224, More information

Jacobs, P.T., Alexis Habiyaremye, B. Fakudze, K. Ramoroka & S. Jonas, 2019, Producing knowledge to raise rural living standards: how universities connect with resource-poor municipalities in South Africa, European Journal of Development Research, online, More information

Akçomak, Semih & Serkan Bürken, 2019, The middle-technology trap: The case of the automotive industry in Turkey, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2019-006

Naudé, Wim, 2019, Brilliant Technologies and Brave Entrepreneurs: A New Narrative for African Manufacturing, Journal of International Affairs, 72(1): 143-158

Naudé, Wim, 2019, The race against the robots and the fallacy of the giant cheesecake: Immediate and imagined impacts of artificial intelligence, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2019-005

Loschmann, Craig, Özge Bilgili & Melissa Siegel, 2019, Considering the benefits of hosting refugees: evidence of refugee camps influencing local labour market activity and economic welfare in Rwanda, IZA Journal of Development and Migration, 9(5), More information

Kaba, Ibrahima, 2019, Aggregate Fluctuations and Development: Essays on Macroeconomic Volatility and Economic Growth, PhD Dissertation Maastricht University / United Nations University

Kuschminder, Katherine, 2019, The Multi-level Governance of Asylum in Italy: Understanding Eritreans’ Secondary Movements in Search of Relocation within Italy, Journal of Refugee Studies, More information

Tomai, Maria, 2019, Re:thinking / Re:working higher education: SDG Conference Bergen, UNU-MERIT, More information

Goedhuys, Micheline & Eleonora Nillesen, Feb 2019, Measuring Women’s Empowerment in the Middle East and North Africa, Women’s empowerment is important in its own right, yet it is also a catalyst towards other development goals. This brief demonstrates that measurement tools are being developed based on individual and household surveys, to monitor the evolution of women’s position in the household, the family and the community, 8, More information

Pineli, André, Rajneesh Narula & René Belderbos, 2019, FDI, multinationals and structural change in developing countries, Forthcoming in: Alcorta, L.,Szirmai, A., Verpagen, B. And Foster-McGregor, N. (eds) 'New Perspectives on Structural Change: Causes and Consequences of Structural Change in the Global Economy', Oxford University Press, 2020 , UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2019-004

Bas, Maria & Caroline Paunov, 2019, What gains and distributional implications result from trade liberalization?, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2019-003

Soete, Luc, 2019, Science, technology and innovation studies at a crossroad: SPRU as case study, Research Policy, 48(2019): 849-857, More information

Kuschminder, Katherine, 2019, Using Mixed Methods to Examine Refugees and Other Migrants’ Decision-Making in Transit, Sage Research Methods Case, More information

Celbis, Mehmet Guney, Pui-hang Wong & Tatjana Guznajeva, 2019, Regional integration and the economic geography of Belarus, Eurasian Geography and Economics, More information