Design and Evaluation of Innovation Policies (DEIP)


Coordinator: Anthony Arundel

New call for courses targeting Ministries of Science, Technology and Innovation and related institutes in emerging economies worldwide. Our most recent five-day workshops for policymakers have been held in the Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean. To arrange a workshop tailored to your region, please contact Ms. Eveline in de Braek:


The UNU-MERIT course on the Design and Evaluation of Innovation Policies (DEIP) is an intensive one-week programme for policymakers in science, technology and innovation in developing countries and for participants from the private sector involved in strategic decision-making about technology and innovation.

The programme aims to meet the growing demand from developing countries for support in analysing the latest technological developments and designing appropriate responses and policies tailored to their specific development contexts.

The course targets senior and middle level officials of Ministries of Science and Technology, Industry, Economic Affairs and other technology-supporting institutions, as well as representatives from the private sector involved in science and technology policy issues.

The training focuses on the theory and practice of innovation policy, on policy design, policy implementation, on the measurement and monitoring of innovative performance, and on the evaluation of the outcomes of innovation policies.

Courses are planned jointly with host organisations in developing countries. Applications for the organisation of a course can be sent to the secretary of the training courses:

Ms. Eveline in de Braek
PhD Programme
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