Online courses

Our selection of online courses reflects the interest and expertise of our institute. Each course includes a guided narrative, with examples and self-assessment options. The lectures by our thematic experts direct you each week towards the main learning points. Readings will deepen your understanding of the topic and during the tutorial sessions we will discuss the readings from various perspectives. Throughout the course, there is a discussion board available to ask your questions to your peers or the tutor.

Each course closes with an assignment and oral exam. Upon successful course completion you will receive an online educational badge.

Applications for our online courses are now open for the new academic year (2023-24).

Lorena Giuberti Coutinho - Online Course Tutor academic year 2020-2021

Tutoring to working professionals is a very enriching task, as students are always seeking to bridge practical situations from their daily lives to theory.

Lorena Giuberti Coutinho, UNU-MERIT