Course 1: Introduction to Migration Studies

This course is geared towards practitioners in the field but is also open to other types of students interested in learning more about migration studies. This course covers eight weeks. You will receive weekly assignments and online lectures. You are free to work at your own pace and within the confines of your own schedule. Over eight weeks you will cover: important terms, concepts, definitions, data and flows. Theories across disciplines will be covered including theories on: 1) Causes of migration: functionalist and structuralist perspectives, 2) Impacts of migration: migration and development, 3) The continuation of migration: networks, migration systems and cumulative causation, and 4) Migration as an intrinsic part of development and change. The course finishes up with country case studies from both migrant sending countries and migrant receiving countries. 

After completing this course, you will have the opportunity to take other online migration courses including:
Course 2: Migration and Remittance Effects
Course 3: Comparative Migration Policy


Social science background and a Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent)

ECTS (credits obtained): 4

Participants will receive 4 ECTS equivalence credits and the certification will be offered through an online educational badge.  


Group based participation EUR 1.000,- 
Individual participation EUR 1.200,- 

Duration: 10 weeks.

You will be enrolled for 10 weeks, including 1 week to access the platform and become familiar with the materials, 4 weeks of coursework, 2 weeks to do the oral exam and 3 weeks for potential resit time. 

In case you prefer to use the 10 weeks in a different way, please agree with your tutor during your first exchange (for individual participation). 

Starting date and enrolment: 

Deadline Application  Course Start Date 
28 August
15 January 
11 September
29 January 


Upon a successful enrollment, every participant will start the course on immediately after the acquisition of the course materials. Your tutor will reach out to you to agree on a timeline. 

For group participation, please note that we will close the group registrations at 10 participants, based on first paid first serve rule. We will identify the full groups on the application website. 

For individual participation, please agree with your tutor on your preferred schedule during your first exchange. 


You can register for the certificate programme via the application form by clicking on the “Apply Now” button on the right side of this page.  


To pay the tuition fee, please make the transfer to the following account. Upon payment, you will be registered as a student and contacted by your tutor. Please note that we need to receive the payment by the application deadline. On average, it takes 1-2 weeks between your transfer of funds and us receiving it. 

Bank account no. 
IBAN  NL05 INGB 0657 618705 
Swift or BIC code  INGBNL2A 
Beneficiary  Maastricht University 
Bank name  ING Business Banking 
Bank address  P.O. Box 90153 
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  The Netherlands 
Payment specification  your last name and 45320002001N 

Tutor: Katrin Marchand