PhD Programme on Innovation, Economics and Governance for Development (IEGD)

UNU-MERIT — A truly global institute
Ranked Top 5 worldwide in 2018 among:

Innovation institutes (above Max Planck and MIT)
Technology & Industrial Dynamics institutes (above Harvard and Stanford)
Young universities (Maastricht above Aalborg and Antwerp)

Independent but deeply embedded within Maastricht University, UNU-MERIT’s staff come from over a dozen countries including Argentina, Jordan, Senegal and China; while our PhD fellows hail from almost 40 countries including Bolivia, Iran, Vietnam and Zimbabwe.

Our alumni go on to work at the highest of levels: from the OECD in Paris, to UNICEF in Florence, to UNIDO in Vienna; across government ministries in Ecuador, Peru and beyond; and at the leading edge of academia with the Universities of Oxford, Cape Town and MIT.

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