Tuition and Fellowships (Full-time track)

To enroll in the PhD programme for the 2024-2025 academic year, the following tuition fees apply:

  • First year: €9000 *
  • Subsequent years: €7000 *

The tuition fee includes all programme-related costs. This excludes books, specific research costs, travel costs, accommodation, and visa or residence permit costs.
*No rights may be derived from the fees published here.

UNU-MERIT PhD Fellowships

We award up to 10 PhD fellowships and waive tuition for selected candidates. This applies to the full-time track. The fellowship awarded consists of a monthly net fee of €1650 provided by UNU-MERIT for a period of four years, conditional on satisfactory progress assessed at the end of the first year. In addition, as a fellow you will receive a research budget to cover costs related to your research, such as equipment or travel.

Due to the limited availability of fellowships, we also encourage motivated candidates to apply for other scholarships. For more information you can visit the scholarships pages of the university website. You can also check for grants and scholarships at

The basic cost of living is around €1300 per month. If you wish to join the PhD programme without a fellowship, we will ask you to indicate to us how you will fund the first 36 months of enrolment in the programme, as part of the acceptance requirement. You will not need to include this proof in your application; we will contact you in case we need this information.

Students from the USA

Students from the USA are now entitled to use the USA direct loan system when they apply to Maastricht University education programmes. This concerns Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD students. For more information, please visit this link.