In the Media

This section highlights UNU-MERIT staff, researchers and PhD fellows featured in the news media through articles, Op-Eds, radio, video, events, social media and more.

Data Without Borders: Will an international regulatory regime protect the world’s data?

Big data is on the rise and governments have fallen behind in setting global standards on its collection, storage and usage. Instead, governments are playing catch-up with harnessing the technology that controls data. This was the backdrop to a Chatham House webinar held on 15 Februar...
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‘Two sides of the same coin’: Combining journalism with policy work on the EPRM programme

As a journalist who is part of a news research team, I am required to produce extensive and in-depth news articles on varied topics like policy, development, human rights, environment and law. Hence I applied to study the Evidence-Based Policy Research Methods course at UNU-MERIT, a r...
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Stopping coronavirus – what does the evidence say are the best measures?

A joint post by Claudia Abreu Lopes and Sanae Okamoto  The new coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has been spreading rapidly but at a different rate in different countries. A variety of emergency responses and policy strategies have been implemented with varying outcomes so far. The Asian...
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Secretary-General’s video message to United Nations personnel on COVID-19

“My dear colleagues, the strength of our United Nations is YOU – our committed and dedicated personnel. Events have moved at alarming speed over the past two weeks. This crisis is unprecedented. And I’m proud of how – together – you are adapting so quickly. I understand th...
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Global views, immersive platforms: Weighing outreach from 2019

A new decade begins with the promise of a global rebrand, a new website, and a new director for UNU-MERIT. All three are currently being decided, so now is a good time to look back on 2019 – a year that featured two major developments in our outreach activities. First, European member...
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How each can empower the other: ‘R&T’ Uruguay 2019

“We must build bridges, meet the different actors working in the country by developing different forms of science communication – journalism, dissemination, education – and enrich each other from these differences.” Prof. Daniela Hirschfeld ...
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The fifth element of communications: Adding journalistic flair to academic rigour

Earth, air, fire and water – not Afropop from the 1970s but essential elements from the ancient Greeks – which in our modern “comms ecosystem” roughly equate to website, press, events and media. Bear with me a moment and let me explain! Our website is the core, press gives oxygen, eve...
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Award, share, verify: Why ‘edubadges’ are the future of certification in online education

I’m involved in an exciting pilot project on ‘Open Educational Badging’ – and I must admit that it’s scary because I barely understand ICT, especially coding. Still, the participants in the ‘Evidence-Based Research Methods’ (EPRM) programme that I direct will be awarded online badges ...
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AI’s current hype & hysteria could set the technology back by decades

Most discussions about artificial intelligence (AI) are characterised by hyperbole and hysteria. Though some of the world’s most prominent and successful thinkers regularly forecast that AI will either solve all our problems or destroy us or our society, and the press frequently repor...
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