‘Reach & Turn’ Virtual Workshop, World Health Day


As governments worldwide try to contain the coronavirus, health workers are on the frontline, bearing the brunt of the fallout. This year’s World Health Day is dedicated to them.

Absent a vaccine, the most effective responses to date have broadly featured clear communications, consistent public health advice, and transparent decision making. Various UN agencies are key to this process, including the United Nations University.

To amplify and complement the work of the World Health Organization, the United Nations University (represented by UNU-MERIT in the Netherlands and UNU-IIGH in Malaysia) will join Nature India, the IFRC, Amnesty International and Dilucidar for the latest edition of our science reporting series, ‘Reach & Turn’.

Amid a global lockdown, this virtual workshop will open new avenues for cooperation – between international organisations, the news media and civil society. Together we’ll consider the importance of research for policymaking and the need for storytelling in mass communications. We’ll then look at how to ensure balanced and accurate science journalism and how to reach the younger generations via social media.

We'll end with a vivid true story from Medellín, Colombia. Alumnus and former science reporting lecturer, Dr. Carlos Cadena Gaitán, shares his story of suffering and surviving COVID-19. (Programme scheduled according to Central European Time.)

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About the speaker

Dr. Claudia Lopes, Research Fellow, UNU-IIGH
Howard Hudson, Head of Communications, UNU-MERIT
Diego Salama, Communications Officer, UNU-MERIT
Carolina Rodriguez, Director, Dilucidar
Subhra Priyadarshini, Editor, Nature India
Dante Licona, Senior Social Media Officer, IFRC
Val Voshchevska, Global Social Media Manager, Amnesty International
Dr. Carlos Cadena Gaitán, Transport Secretary, Medellín / UNU-MERIT alumnus

NB: The opinions expressed during this event are the speakers' own; they do not necessarily reflect the views of UNU.

Venue: Virtual workshop

Date: 07 April 2020

Time: 09:00 - 13:30  CET