Howard Hudson MA

Head of Communications

Howard Hudson joined UNU-MERIT in January 2011 and was made Head of Communications in February 2018. He obtained an MA in International Relations, before starting a PhD at the University of Bologna, Italy in 2004.

Working across four continents with EU and UN agencies, Chatham House and Amnesty International, he has almost two decades of experience in political communications. Over the last few years at UNU he has led a range of innovative projects including:
- An introduction to the Sustainable Development Goals: editing research commentary from across the UNU network;
- The UNU Jargon Buster: gathering partners such as the OECD, UN Women and WTO and featuring on Reuters to a global audience of several million;
- The Reach and Turn science reporting series: training hundreds of journalists, researchers and policymakers worldwide, alongside a BBC presenter, a Dutch ambassador and a Pulitzer prize-winning data storyteller.

Howard has worked on several hundred publications in his time at UNU: editing policy briefs and research reports for national governments and UN agencies, placing op-eds in The Conversation, etc. and launching a series of immersive Shorthand stories.