Dr. Bulat Sanditov

Essays on Social Learning and Innovation

Year: 2006

Robin Cowan

Selected publications by Bulat Sanditov

Articles (journal, professional, popular)
Godlewski, C.J. & Bulat Sanditov, 2017, `Financial Institutions Network and the Certification Value of Bank Loans, Financial Management, More information
Sanditov, Bulat & Saurabh Arora, 2016, `Social network and private provision of public goods, Journal of Evolutionary Economics, 26, More information
Arora, Saurabh & Bulat Sanditov, 2015, `Cultural foundations of social networks: Entangled worlds of caste and development in a south Indian village, SAGE Open, 5, More information
Lissoni, Francesco, Patrick Llerena & Bulat Sanditov, 2013, `Small Worlds in Networks of Inventors and the Role of Academics: An Analysis of France, Industry and Innovation, 20, More information
Sanditov, Bulat, C.J. Godlewski & T. Burger-Helmchen, 2012, `Bank Lending Networks, Experience, Reputation, and Borrowing Costs: Empirical Evidence from the French Syndicated Lending Market, Journal of Business Finance and Accounting, 39, More information
Godlewski, C.J., Bulat Sanditov & T. Burger-Helmchen, 2012, `Bank lending networks, experience, reputation, and borrowing costs: Empirical evidence from the French syndicated lending market, Journal of Business Finance and Accounting, 39, More information
Weehuizen, Rifka, Bulat Sanditov & Robin Cowan, 2011, `Productivity effects of innovation, stress and social relations, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 79, More information
Lissoni, Francesco, Patrick Llerena, Maureen McKelvey & Bulat Sanditov, 2008, `Academic Patenting in Europe: New Evidence from the KEINS Database, Research Evaluation, 17, More information
Reinstaller, Andreas & Bulat Sanditov, 2005, `Social structure and consumption: on the diffusion of consumer good innovation, Journal of Evolutionary Economics, 15, More information

Book chapters
Cowan, Robin, Bulat Sanditov & Nicolas Jonard, 2013, Fits and misfits: Technological matching and R & D networks , in: Thierry Burger-Helmchen (eds), The Economics of Creativity: Ideas, Firms and Markets, Taylor & Francis, UK, More information
Cowan, Robin, Nicolas Jonard & Bulat Sanditov, 2013, Technological matching and R&D networks, in: Thierry Burger-Helmchen (ed.), The Economics of Creativity Ideas, Firms and Market, Routledge, UK
Sanditov, Bulat, F. Lissoni, Patrick Llerena & Maureen McKelvey, 2009, Academic patenting in Europe: Evidence on France, Italy and Sweden from the KEINS database , in: McKelvey, M., M. Holmén (eds), Learning to Compete in European Universities: From Social Institution to Knowledge Business, Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, UK, More information

UNU-MERIT Working Papers
Cowan, Robin, Nicolas Jonard & Bulat Sanditov, 2009, Fits and Misfits: Technological Matching and R&D Networks, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2009-042
Arora, Saurabh & Bulat Sanditov, 2009, Caste as Community? Networks of social affinity in a South Indian village, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2009-037

External working papers
Lissoni, Francesco, Gianluca Tarasconi & Bulat Sanditov, 2006, The KEINS Database on Academic Inventors: Methodology and Contents, CESPRI Working Paper 181, Universita' Bocconi, More information
Sanditov, Bulat, 2005, Patent Citations, the Value of Innovations and Path-Dependency, CESPRI Working Paper 171, Universita' Bocconi, Milan, Italy, More information

Research memoranda
Sanditov, Bulat, 2004, ICT Revolution, Globalization and Informational Lock-in, MERIT Research Memoranda 2004-013
Sanditov, Bulat, Robin Cowan & Clemens Kool, 2002, Mutual Illusions and Financing New Technologies: Two-Sided Informational Cascades (revised version Aug 11, 2003), MERIT Research Memoranda 2002-006

Research reports
Notten, Ad, Jojo Jacob, Bulat Sanditov & Alex Surpatean, 2019, Analysis of patents, publications and new organisations from FP7-ICT and CIP-ICT projects, This study report provides an in-depth examination of the publications and patents reported through the yearly survey waves undertaken by DG CNECT in the years 2008-2017. It is also the culmination of two consecutive ex-post research evaluations, of which the first exercise starting in 2012 and the second in 2016. The results of both these research assessments, SMART 2011/0039 and SMART 2015/0078, are created in this report. Additional analysis of the productivity and quality of the research output of projects funded under FP7 ICT using a longitudinal dataset is foremost concentrated on two data sets; one of patents, the other of publications. Next to these two datasets, we also conduct a preliminary analysis into the data collected on newly created organisations for the years 2014 to 2016. This report covers the entirety of the FP7 projects launched during the years 2007 to 2013, for their productive years from 2007 to 2016, More information
Sanditov, Bulat, Jojo Jacob, Alex Surpatean, René Wintjes, Simone Sasso & Ad Notten, 2015, Inventory of the patents and publications of FP7 projects in the field of ICT, The inventory includes data on 295 patents and 18,158 publications resulting from FP7 funded projects in the field of ICT (ICT theme within Cooperation Programme and eInfrastructures within Capacities Programme), More information
Jacob, Jojo, Bulat Sanditov, René Wintjes, Alex Surpatean, Simone Sasso, Ad Notten & Evgueni Smirnov, 2014, Analysis of publications and patents of ICT research in FP7, Funded by the European Commission - DG CONNECT (SMART 2011/0039), More information

Sanditov, Bulat, 2006, Essays on Social Learning and Innovation, PhD dissertation Maastricht University / United Nations University