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Eleni Abraham Yitbarek

Thesis: Getting Ahead of left behind? Essays on Poverty Dynamics and Social Mobility in Africa, 2016

Promotor(s): Theophile Azomahou and Franziska Gassmann

Eleni Abraham Yitbarek has obtained a Ph.D. from UNU-MERIT / Maastricht University in December 2016. She has MSc in Public Policy and Human Development specialised social policy financing from Maastricht University. Prior to persuing her Ph.D. at UNU-MERIT Eleni has worked for the National Bank of Ethiopia and the Netherlands Development Organisation, SNV. In 2014, Eleni received the World Bank Group Fellowship for Ph.D. students of African descent. During the fellowship, she was part of the chief economist's office of the Africa region and contributed to poverty flagship report on Africa - `Poverty in a rising Africa'. Eleni also participated in different projects and has extensive experience in the analysis of large household data sets. Eleni worked in a variety of development topics, such as measurement of poverty dynamics, intergenerational mobility, applied econometrics and impact evaluation that has enriched her analytical and research skills in economic development studies. Currently, Eleni is a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Pretoria, South Africa.


Selected publications by Eleni Abraham Yitbarek