Dr. Eleni Abraham Yitbarek

Getting Ahead or left behind? Essays on Poverty Dynamics and Social Mobility in Africa

Year: 2016

Theophile Azomahou and Franziska Gassmann


The increased recognition of the persistent nature of poverty has rekindled long-standing debates of who is getting ahead, who is left behind, who is standing still, and why, among development economists and policy makers alike. This dissertation is a collection of three essays and seeks to contribute to the aforementioned debate. It provides new empirical insights on poverty dynamics and social mobility in selected sub-Saharan African countries using a range of empirical approaches.  The dissertation conclude that informal safety nets in the form of support from friends/ family or being a member of a voluntary social association is not suffices to exit subjective or consumption poverty. On the other hand, education plays a vital role to reduce both. ​ 

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