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Aziz Atamanov

Thesis: Rural nonfarm employment and international migration as alternatives to agricultural employment: The case of Kyrgyzstan, 2011

Promotor(s): Adam Szirmai & Marrit van den Berg

Educational background
PhD, Maastricht University (2011)

MA in Public Policy with distinction, Central European University (2006)

MA in Economics with distinction, International University of Kyrgyzstan

Certificate and letter of excellence, Applied Economic Policy Course, Joint Vienna Institute (2003)

Professional background
Before joining the Doctoral program at Maastricht Graduate School of Governance, I worked as a researcher at Center for Social and Economic Research CASE-Kyrgyzstan for 8 years. I was involved in numerous research, advisory and evaluation projects devoted to the broad range  of social-economic issues in Central Asia in general and Kyrgyzstan in particular. Last important project I was involved in was “EU Eastern Neighborhood: economic potential and future development” financed by the EC. I was responsible in this project for the analysis of development gap between CIS and EU, effectiveness and efficiency of technical assistance in CIS countries, and macroeconomic impact of labor migration from the Kyrgyz republic.

Research interests
My research interests are centered on rural nonfarm activities, international migration and remittances, targeting social assistance, rural development, and effectiveness of technical assistance.

Research title:
Rural Nonfarm Employment and International Migration as Alternatives to Agricultural Employment: The case of the Kyrgyz Republic

Main research question:
The main goal of the dissertation is to increase our understanding of the role, determinants and effects of local rural nonfarm activities and international labor migration as two important non-agricultural income strategies.

The dissertation will be based on the collection of articles providing an in-depth regional analysis of the rural nonfarm economy (RNFE) in Kyrgyzstan, analyzing factors influencing participation and returns from different types of nonfarm activities at the individual level, assessing the heterogeneous impact of international migration and remittances on crop income of rural farmers  and finally exploring determinants of permanent and seasonal migration and comparing them with determinants of local income generating activities.

Recent publications

  • Atamanov, A. and Mogilevsky, R. (2008), “Technical Assistance to CIS countries” CASE Network Studies and Analysis. No. 369. Center for Social and Economic Research CASE. Warsaw. Please click here to view this publication >>
  • Sinitsina, I., Atamanov, A., Chubrik, A. et al. (2008) “The Development Gap between CIS and EU”. CASE Network Report. No. 81. Center for Social and Economic Research CASE. Warsaw. Please click here to view this publication >>
  • Saner, R., Toseva, G., Atamanov, A. et al. (2008), “Government Governance and Inter-Ministerial Policy Coordination in Eastern and Central Europe and Central Asia” Public Organization Review. vol. 8, issue 3. Springer Netherlands. Please click here to view this publication >>

On September 8, 2011, Aziz succesfully defended his PhD thesis.


Selected publications by Aziz Atamanov