Higher Educational Systems and E-resilience

Mindel van de Laar, Julieta Marotta & Lisa de Graaf


This paper explores how e-resilience in educational systems is understood by the current literature and what are the main drivers and challenges mentioned which are relevant for the e-resilience of those educational systems. To answer the research questions, the paper follows the scoping literature review structure, which consists of a literature identification, a literature screening, and literature analysis. A total of 241 papers were identified through a literature search and screened for relevance, of which 53 papers were included in the analysis. Based on the literature, the concept of e-resilience in education is conceptualised in a comprehensive way taking into account the system levels that interact and the technological, human, and interactive dimensions through which drivers and challenges of e-resilience manifest. The current literature focuses primarily on the enumeration of drivers and challenges experienced by specific levels and actors in the educational systems to overcome shocks. Further empirical research is needed to understand how those educational systems can utilise drivers and deal with the challenges in a systemic way to become more e-resilient. Keywords: E-resilience, educational systems, digital technology, COVID-19

JEL Classification: I30

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