Podcast: The green tech revolution, the future of electric cars and “green windows of opportunity”



Episode 11 of the Director’s Corner Podcast series:

Director Bartel Van de Walle speaks with Dr. Rasmus Lema, Associate Professor at UNU-MERIT

In this conversation, Bartel and Rasmus discuss the ‘green tech revolution’ as described in the UNCTAD Technology and Innovation Report 2023, which Rasmus made significant contributions to with his research.

Specifically, they touch on the following topics:

                    • the widening green tech gap between developed and developing countries, and the importance of local capacity building to reduce this gap
                    • how the speed of the green revolution must accelerate to help us reach the Paris Agreement on Climate Change goals
                    • what researchers in this field mean by “green windows of opportunity”
                    • China’s rapid uptake of renewable energy technology, and how that can possibly be replicated in other countries
                    • the combination of ICT and green technologies being a key factor in this revolution
                    • the future of the European electric vehicle market and how China’s entry could make waves
                    • current limitations of intellectual property regimes in the context of green technologies
                    • an upcoming visit from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) to UNU-MERIT next month


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