Comparative Migration Policy MGR4408 


Period 5B
Start Date 13 May 2024
End Date 7 June 2024
ECTS credits 4
Instruction language English
Coordinator E. Lebon-McGregor
Teaching methods Assignment(s); Presentation(s); Paper(s); Research; Work in subgroups
Assessment methods Participation; Assessment; Final paper
Keywords Migration; Migration Policy; Migration Governance


Full course description

The final course in the migration specialisation deals with migration governance and policy. Migration policy is a critical topic in many countries and of great importance to  political parties and a feature of many elections. The course focuses on exploring migration policy from a comparative perspective through the examination of the policies and positions of different actors across different levels of governance on contemporary migration issues. Students learn about the history of global migration governance, develop indicators to compare policies, and critically examine the different approaches of governments to key migration-related policies issues. Special emphasis is placed on developing and formulating evidence-based policy recommendations and preparing students to enter the labour market.

Course objective

Explore contemporary migration policy issues from a comparative perspective



Recommended reading

Recommended readings will be provided in the course manual