Shuan SadreGhazi

Affiliated Researcher

Research group(s):
7. Social Protection
5. Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Sustainability Transitions

Shuan's academic interests lay primarily in Innovation for achievment of Sustainable Development Golas (SDGs). His research aims at studying innovations that have positive socio-economic impact among the target community, e.g social innovation or iclusive business initiatives.

As part of his studies on innovations for low-income communities, Shuan conducted extensive fieldworks in rural India, China, Myanmar and Iran. He has worked with a number of organizations on their inclusive business initiatives. With the UNDP Growing Inclusive Markets initiative, he was responsible for case studies in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). As a visiting researcher at Tsinghua University's "Sustainable Innovation" group, he looked at the approach of Chinese firms regarding innovation for rural markets. He has also been an advisor for Sasakawa Peace Foundation (Japan) for the Base of the Pyramid projects in South East Asia. More over, he has served in the editorial board of UNESCO Science Report (2015, 2020). His was also an innovation advisor in UNICEF innovation for children initiative.

He is a keynote speaker featured at TEDx , UNESCO Innovation for SDG summit, CILAC and The Univeristy of Tokyo. Shuan has delivered several lectures and training programs on Pro-Poor Innovation, Inclusive Business , SDGs in Emerging Markets and Social Impact .


Shuan News/Blogs/Activities

  • Report on the UNESCO high-level forum on Innovation for Sustainable Development (in Spanish) [link]
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  • Inclusive Innovation for the ‘Rest of the World’: SDG 10  [link]
  • Toilet Innovation is Important! (interview with the UM magazine) [link]
  • Putting Base of the Pyramid on the Map [link]
  • Key Note Asia: Corporate Social Responsibility and Emerging Markets [link]

Keywords:  Innovation for SDGs, Base of the Pyramid, Pro-Poor Innovation, Social Impact, Diffusion of Innovation, Inclusive Business, Inclusive Development, Frugal Innovation, Emerging Markets, South/SouthEast Asia, Middle East

Selected publications by Shuan SadreGhazi