Dr. Hassen Wako

Affiliated Researcher

Research group(s):
3. Economic Development, Innovation, Governance and Institutions
4. Sustainable Development, Innovation and Societal Transitions
2. Social Protection, Inclusive Innovation and Development
6. Migration and Development
1. The Economics of Knowledge and Innovation

Hassen Abda Wako obtained his doctoral degree from UNU-MERIT (SBE, Maastricht University) in March 2018. He holds B.A. in Economics and M.Sc. in Economic Policy Analysis, both from Addis Ababa University. Between 2004 and the moment he joined UNU-MERIT in September 2013, he had taught both undergraduate and graduate courses at Jimma University, at various academic ranks – from Graduate Assistant to Assistant Professor.  He had also served as the coordinator for the Continuing and Distance Education (CDE) division of the College of Business and Economics, Jimma University. While interested in the broader sphere of economic development, his research particularly focuses on international economics (trade, regional integration, foreign (development) aid, foreign direct investment, remittances) in relation to econoic growth, structural change, income inequality, human development and institutions.

Selected publications by Hassen Wako