Dr. Serdar Turkeli PhD, MSc.

Researcher / Coordinator Innovation, Institutions & Development Specialisation

Research group(s):
3. Economic Complexity and Innovation
5. Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Sustainability Transitions
1. Economics of Knowledge and Innovation
4. Governance and institutions
2. Structural Change and Economic Development

Lately, listed as featured expert by UNU SDG Explorer:                          https://unu.edu/explore/sustainable-development-goal-12


Dr. Serdar Türkeli conducts policy research and development at the United Nations University - Maastricht Economic and Social Research Institute on Innovation and Technology (UNU-MERIT) Maastricht University. He applies quantitative and/or qualitative methods to critical political economy and policy issues related to multi-scalar governance of science, technology and innovation (STI), STI policies and their governance.

  • Domain Expertise:
    • Governance of Innovation | Complexity of Innovation | Emerging Technologies | Digital Transformation
    • Innovation for Sustainability | Sustainable Development | Circular Economy | Sustainable Development Goals
    • Social Economy | The Social Entrepreneurship, Advocacy and Public Policy Nexus | Education  
    • Applied Political Economy | Societal Transformation



His work has appeared in Journal of Technological Forecasting and Social Change; Journal of Cleaner Production; Journal of Industrial Ecology; Energies; Journal of Sustainability Research; International Economics and Economic Policy; International Economics Letters; Journal Global Policy and Governance; Social Sciences, and as book chapters in Springer, Elsevier and Oxford University Press, and as policy research reports for Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, Turkish Public Enterprises Association, and several European Commission Directorates-General, European Commission Executive Agencies, UN Inter-Agency Task Force on Social and Solidarity Economy and UNESCO.  


Dr. Türkeli is the co-coordinator and academic advisor of "Social Entrepreneurship and Public Policy" specialisation track of the Master of Science Programme Public Policy and Human Development at the Maastricht Graduate School of Governance | UNU-MERIT. He holds University Teacher Qualification Certificate (BKO) and Advanced University Teacher Training (TATT) certificates.

  • Bachelor's Level: Being active at every level of teaching (Bachelor's, Master's and PhD), he developed the bachelor course "Innovation Systems, Policy, and Sustainability Transitions" (UCM SSC 3056) in 2018/2019, supervises UCM MaRBLE projects, e.g.  "SDGs and Universities", "iQuestion", as well as UM EDLAB Honours+ projects on the relation between Eco-innovation and Quality of Life. He also provides supervision for bachelor thesis, and provides guest lectures (e.g. Erasmus University College, Rottterdam).


  • Master's Level: Dr. Türkeli was the coordinator and academic advisor of "Innovation, Institutions and Development" (IID) specialisation track of the Master of Science Programme Public Policy and Human Development at the Maastricht Graduate School of Governance/UNU-MERIT and lectured in ''Science, Technology and Innovation Policy’’, the final course of this IID specialisation track since 2012/2013 (Evaluation: 8.5/10 (7-year average). He co-coordinates " Innovation for Sustainability" and "The Social Entrepeneruship Public Polic Nexus" courses and the elective course "Governance and Institutions in Emerging Markets" in Master's in Economics and Strategy in Emerging Markets. He provides guest lectures (e.g. Health Food Innovation Management Master’s Programme, University College Venlo, UM, Venlo; Sustainable Finance, Vrije Universiteit Brussel. He supervises Master's theses (completed supervisions > 50).


  • Ph.D. Level: He developed the PhD courses “Economics of Innovation”, "Fuzzy-Sets-Qualitative Comparative Analysis" and "Tensions, Turns and Policy" (GPAC²)  and "Applied Political Economy of Innovation, Governance and Policy Analysis" for full time PhDs.. He supervises and attends Degree Committees for PhD theses and provides international guest Ph.D. lectures (e.g. Kozminski University, Warsaw, Poland).



Dr. Türkeli is the co-founder of Science, Innovation, Technology, Entrepreneurial Engagement for Societal Welfare (SITE4Society) initiative, physical spaces for learning. He is Member of the Steering Board of Innovation for Sustainable Development Network: Global Network of Networks (networked spaces for learning), and initiator of Climate Innovation Hub, a city level societal multi-actor governance mechanism design and action methdology for policymakers, bureacrats, researchers, entrepreneurs, activists, and students.

He engages several levels of knowledge transfer and outreach activities:  

He performs reviews for journals, publishers and key conferences (e.g. Science and Public Policy, Edward Elgar, GLOBELICS, APPAM).


In 2017, he established the Lab at UNU-MERIT/UM.



Serdar obtained his doctor's degree from Maastricht University, United Nations University; research master of science degree in international studies in computer engineering from University of Duisburg-Essen Germany with an A-level research master’s thesis on international engineering, technology management, and enterprise modelling, and a bachelor's degree in computer engineering from Baskent University (Turkey). Before joining the United Nations University-MERIT and Maastricht Graduate School of Governance, he worked at Middle East Technical University Science and Technology Policies Research Center (METU-TEKPOL) in several international STI policy research and development initiatives (e.g. EC DG INFSO/Information Communication TechnologiesEU COST STRIKE/Higher Education, Foreign Direct InvestmentsEU FP7/European Research Neighbourhood (ERN)TUBITAK/Machinery and Furniture ClustersTKIB/Strategy for State-owned Enterprises). He completed PhD-level STI policy studies coursework with an assessment of 91/100.

Selected Publications:

Journal Articles (#11); Chapters (> #6); Policy Reports (>#10); Conference Proceedings/Papers (>#5); International Engineering, Technology Management and Entreprise Models (Other conference publications (>#5))

For selected publications please see below: 

Selected publications by Serdar Turkeli

Articles (journal, professional, popular)
Turkeli, Serdar, 2020, Complexity and the Sustainable Development Goals: A Computational Intelligence Approach to Support Policy Mix Designs, Journal of Sustainability Research, 2(1): 1-22, DOI: https://doi.org/10.20900/jsr20200006, More information
Kemp, René, Anthony Arundel, Christian Rammer, Michal Miedzinski, Carlos Tapia, Nicolò Barbieri, Serdar Turkeli, Andrea M. Bassi, Massimiliano Mazzanti, Donald Chapman, Fernando J. Díaz López & Will McDowall, 2019, Measuring Eco-Innovation for a Green Economy, Wirtschaftspolitische Blätter, Special Issue on Nachhaltigkeit / Sustainability, 66(4): 391-404, More information
Turkeli, Serdar & Martine Schophuizen, 2019, Decomposing the Complexity of Value: Integration of Digital Transformation of Education with Circular Economy Transition, Social Sciences, 8(8): (243)-1-22, More information
Turkeli, Serdar, Beijia Huang, Agata Stasik & René Kemp, 2019, Circular Economy as a Glocal Business Activity: Mobile Phone Repair in the Netherlands, Poland and China, Energies, 12(3): 498-520, DOI: 10.3390/en12030498, More information
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Kemp, René, Eva Bartekova & Serdar Turkeli, 2017, The innovation trajectory of eco-cement in the Netherlands: a co-evolution analysis, International Economics and Economic Policy, 14(3): 409-429, DOI: 10.1007/s10368-017-0384-4, More information
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Bilman, Asli Seda & Serdar Turkeli, 2013, Interaction between international trade and economic growth: evidence from qualitative comparative analysis, International Economics Letters, 2(4): 5-18, More information

Book chapters
Turkeli, Serdar & René Kemp, 2021, System Transitions for Sustainable Development Goal 9, in: Leal Filho W., Azul A.M., Brandli L., Lange Salvia A., Wall T, Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure. Encyclopedia of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Springer Nature, Switzerland, DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-319-71059-4_95-1, More information
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Kalz, Marco, Martine Schophuizen & Serdar Turkeli, 2020, The Disaggregated, Networked and Open Future of Education for Sustainable Development, in: Humanistic Futures of Learning: Perspectives From UNESCO Chairs and UNITWIN Networks, UNESCO, Paris, More information
Turkeli, Serdar, Pui-hang Wong & Eleni Abraham Yitbarek, 2020, Multiplex Learning: An Evidence-Based Approach to Design Policy Learning Networks in Sub-Saharan Africa for the SDGs, in: In: Ramutsindela M., Mickler D. (eds), Africa and the Sustainable Development Goals, Springer, Cham, Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2020, Sustainable Development Goals Series, DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-14857-7_26, More information
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Turkeli, Serdar, 2012, "Lex lata" and "de lege ferenda" for the R&D law of Turkey , in: I. Hakan Yetkiner, M. Teoman Pamukcu, Erkan Erdil (eds), Industrial Dynamics, Innovation Policy, and Economic Growth through Technological Advancements, IGI Global, Hershey, USA, DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-1978-4.ch016, More information

UNU-MERIT Working Papers
Schubert, Torben, Angela Jäger, Serdar Turkeli & Fabiana Visentin, 2020, Addressing the productivity paradox with big data: A literature review and adaptation of the CDM econometric model, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2020-050
Turkeli, Serdar & René Kemp, 2015, Effective research and innovation (R&I) policy in the EU-28: A causal and configurational analysis of political governance determinants, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2015-023
Celbis, Mehmet Guney & Serdar Turkeli, 2014, Does too much work hamper innovation? Evidence for diminishing returns of work hours for patent grants, Published in the Journal Global Policy and Governance, Vol 4, No 1, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2014-053
Turkeli, Serdar & René Wintjes, 2014, Towards the societal system of innovation: The case of metropolitan areas in Europe, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2014-040
Turkeli, Serdar & René Kemp, 2014, The political economy of research and innovation in organic photovoltaics (OPV) in different world regions, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2014-039

External working papers
Sillen, Daan, Pui-hang Wong & Serdar Turkeli, 2019, Community Currency Programmes as a Tool for Sustainable Development: The Cases of Mombasa and Nairobi Counties, Kenya, More information

Research reports
Gagliardi, D., F. Psarra, René Wintjes, K. Trendafili, J. Pineda Mendoza, Kirsten Haaland, Serdar Turkeli, C. Giotitsas, A. Pazaitis & F. Niglia, 2020, New Technologies and Digitisation: Opportunities and Challenges for the Social Economy and Social Enterprises, “New Technologies and Digitisation: Opportunities and Challenges for the Social Economy and Social Enterprises” sets out to explore how the rising importance of the social economy in Europe is facing the challenges of digital transformation, DOI: 10.2826/767888., More information
Savut, Ipek Peri, Serdar Turkeli & Yelda Erden-Topal, 2019, Sustainability Transitions and Innovation Review: Turkey, Global Map of Eco-innovation Related Policies, European Commission, Ref. Ares (2019) 572347 - 31/01/2019, More information
Turkeli, Serdar & René Kemp, 2019, How to support eco-innovation in trade policy and in international trade regimes?, Eco-innovation Policy Agendas: Global Knowledge Synthesis of Rationales and Evidence, European Commission Ref. Ares(2019)1009753 - 18/02/2019, More information
Turkeli, Serdar, René Kemp & Jan Janzen, 2019, Scoreboard, Landscape of Eco-innovations, Eco-innovation Policy Agendas: Global Knowledge Synthesis of Rationales and Evidence; European Commission Ref. Ares(2019)571079 - 31/01/2019, More information
Wintjes, René, Serdar Turkeli & Florian Henning, 2013, Innovation Policy in Metropolitan Areas: Addressing Societal Challenges in Functional Regions, Regional Innovation Monitor, Thematic Paper 6, More information
Erdil, Erkan, Serdar Turkeli, Yelda Erden-Topal & Tolga Goksidan, 2011, TURKEY - ICT RTD Technological Audit, European Commission Information Society and Media, Directorate C, Lisbon Strategy and Information Society, More information

Conference contributions
Miedzinski, Michal, Will McDowall, René Kemp & Serdar Turkeli, 2017, An expert-based participatory evaluation of public policies for sustainability transitions, The 8th International Conference on Sustainability Transitions (IST 2017), The 8th International Sustainability Transitions Conference, 21 June 2017, Gothenburg, Sweden
Miedzinski, Michal, Will McDowall, René Kemp & Serdar Turkeli, 2017, An expert-based participatory evaluation of public policies for sustainability transitions, European Forum for Studies of Policies fo Research and Innovation (EU-SPRI), June, 2017, Vienna, Austria, More information
Turkeli, Serdar & René Kemp, 2016, Changing Patterns in Eco-Innovation Research: A Bibliometric Analysis, ZEW conference, Mannheim (D), Nov 2016
Turkeli, Serdar, 2012, Governance and Entrepreneurship: The Obama Administration, Cleantech Startups and ICT: A Fuzzy-Set/Qualitative Comparative Analysis, Organizations, institutions and innovation in the ICT sector: Where do we stand?, Paris, France, More information

Turkeli, Serdar, 2016, Governance of Innovation Policy: Empirical studies on applied political economy by multi-method analysis, PhD dissertation Maastricht University / United Nations University, More information

Data sets
Turkeli, Serdar, René Kemp & Emir Hidovic, 2017, Eco-innovation, Energy, Environment, Ecology (4E) database v1, 4E database integrates 4E-related quantitative data (variables /indicators) from various recognized data sources for all countries and for the entire time-span where and when the data is available in panel data format, made available online for other researchers. Version 1, 2017/3, More information

Other (editorship, media appearance, keynote, etc.)
Turkeli, Serdar, 2018, Sustainability – Whose Responsibility is it Anyway?, The Lab, UNU-MERIT, Studium Generale Debate Café, More information
Turkeli, Serdar, 2018, Maastricht University Opening Academic Year 2018 Symposium, The Lab, UNU-MERIT, The responsibility of universities for sustainable development and case of SITE4Society, More information
Turkeli, Serdar, 2018, Make the SDGs Yours!, The Lab, UNU-MERIT, Symposium organised by ImpactLab, The InnBetween, NovUM Maastricht, Rhetorica Debating Society and the Green Office/UM, More information
Ramani, Shyama V. & Serdar Turkeli, 2018, SITE4Society Event No: 2, The Lab, UNU-MERIT, Meet the Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs of Maastricht who are contributing to the SDGs, More information
Ramani, Shyama V. & Serdar Turkeli, 2017, SITE4Society Event No: 1, The Lab, UNU-MERIT, More information
Turkeli, Serdar, 2017, Climathon Brussels, The Lab, UNU-MERIT, More information
Turkeli, Serdar, 2017, Sustainability Transitions and Innovation Review (STIR) - Turkey, The Lab, UNU-MERIT, More information