Study at UNU in Maastricht: Your gateway to the rest of Europe

We know what you’re thinking…’Maastricht, where’s that?’ 🤔

Maastricht is the capital city of the Limburg region in the south of the Netherlands. Close to the borders with Belgium and Germany, it’s the perfect place to visit and experience this amazing part of Europe.   

UNU-MERIT (the United Nations University – Maastricht Economic and Social Research Institute on Innovation and Technology) is located in the heart of Maastricht, a vibrant student city where old and new come together. As a student on our MSc in Public Policy and Human Development programme – taught in partnership with Maastricht University – we’re sure you’ll find your own favourite places to work, visit and explore.🏙️  Maastricht is divided into several distinct quarters, each with its own unique character. UNU-MERIT is located within the Sphinx Quarter, a dynamic, recently-transformed historical area, built around Maastricht’s old harbour and home to numerous restaurants, bars, shops, hotels and two cinemas.  

🏛️  To this day, you can still see Maastricht’s beautiful city walls, historic buildings and cobblestones that make the city – a former Roman settlement – so special and unique. Combined with revitalised city quarters, access to our beautiful green countryside and our European neighbours, you’d struggle to find a better place to live and study. 

🇪🇺  Sometimes called the place where ‘Europe changed forever’, the Maastricht Treaty is the foundation treaty of the modern European Union, enabling its growth from 12 to 27 member states. Not only is Maastricht in the heart of Europe physically, it is at its spiritual heart. 


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