Dr. Semih Akçomak

The Impact of Social Capital on Economic and Social Outcomes

Year: 2009

Pierre Mohnen & Bas ter Weel

On 12 February 2009 Semih Akçomak will defend his PhD thesis "The Impact of Social Capital on Economic and Social Outcomes." Prof. Dr. Pierre Mohnen and Dr. Bas ter Weel are the respective promoter and co-promotor of Semih. In brief Semih’s thesis elaborates on social capital, which has a wide range of applications in social sciences. Researchers have used the concept to explain various associations with socio-economic outcomes. However, two important aspects have largely been ignored: (i) what forms social capital, and (ii) how social capital affects outcomes. This study provides advancements on these relatively shallow aspects.

Selected publications by Semih Akçomak