Dr. Antonio Soares Martins Neto

Essays on Technology Adoption and the Labour Market

Year: 2024

Pierre Mohnen, Alex Coad & Nanditha Mathew


While the benefits of technological progress are undeniable, it also brings forth numerous challenges. In particular, there is a persistent debate about the potential negative impact of technology adoption on employment outcomes. Using a series of novel datasets and applying robust methodologies, this dissertation contributes to this debate and examines some drivers and consequences of technology adoption, with a particular focus on links between technology and the labor market in developing economies. This paper-based dissertation includes four key chapters that can be read independently. Chapter 1 discusses the effects of technology adoption on the labor market, emphasizing the extent of job polarization in developing economies. Chapter 2 looks at the role of technology in replacing routine occupations and studies the effects of mass layoffs on workers previously employed in those occupations. Chapter 3  studies labor market mobility and how skills transferability reduces the negative effects of job displacement. Finally, Chapter 4 discusses the role of international trade in spurring firms’ adoption of advanced technologies. All chapters highlight policies that mitigate the adverse effects of technology adoption and ensure a more equitable distribution of its benefits.

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