Dr. Godsway Tetteh

The Economic Outcomes of Financial Innovation and Digital Infrastructure in Sub-Saharan Africa

Year: 2022

Pierre Mohnen, Micheline Goedhuys and Maty Konte


This thesis examines whether the use of mobile money among formal firms can accentuate the effect of traditional financial services on labour productivity. Further, it investigates the effect of mobile money on access to credit in the informal sector and subsequently explores local digital lending development and its effect on welfare. Finally, the thesis examines whether digital infrastructure is a contributing factor to services sector employment in Sub-Saharan Africa. The findings suggest that mobile money can complement traditional financial services leading to firm performance. Also, mobile money can facilitate access to external finance in the informal sector. The thesis reveals that local digital lending development is crucial for decreasing deprivation, especially in rural communities. Digital infrastructure is also found to drive employment creation in the services sector.

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