Dr. Atsuko Okuda

Towards e-compliance: Exploring the role of compliance and e-governance initiatives in the case of Bhutan

Year: 2021

Baharul Islam, Antonio Cordella and Mindel van de Laar


E-governance initiatives are increasingly seen as a vehicle to tackle corruption across the globe. E-governance initiatives offer an unprecedented amount and visibility of data and information which can be aggregated, disaggregated and analysed to identify patterns and help improve policies, procedures, and processes. But the information systems alone would be insufficient to actually reduce corruption. In this exploratory inductive research, compliance is identified as a conduit and part of mechanism to explain the phenomena of e-governance implementation which aims to control corruption. Building on the identified gaps between the case study initiatives and literature and in recognition of the lack of appropriate compliance models, I proposed a new conceptual framework of e-compliance which integrates technology with organizational, leadership and social compliance drivers in e-governance implementation. This research elaborated how sociomateriality provides the theoretical foundation to explain e-compliance, as constitutive entanglement of the social and the material. E-compliance provides empirical data and operationalisation of how the constitutive entanglement takes place.

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