Dr. Yip Ching Yu

Immigrant Welfare Dynamics in the Netherlands

Year: 2021

Bart Verspagen, Melissa Siegel, Hans Schmeets and Zina Nimeh


This thesis seeks to complement the missing link between the rhetoric and complex immigrant welfare realities. It explores various stages and facets of the welfare cycle by examining the immigrant-native difference in welfare utilization and assimilation patterns, trajectories and determinants across generations in the case of the Netherlands. Results suggest the presence of segmentation in the welfare assimilation process among first-generation and second-generation immigrants, in spite of remarkable progress in intragenerational and intergenerational mobilities. The findings also draw attention to the effectiveness of activation-focused welfare reforms, as welfare dependence shows to be closely linked to structural barriers in the labour market. By bridging the economics and sociology literatures on immigrant integration, this thesis brings insights into the heterogeneity in welfare dynamics among the migrant and native populations over the life course and demonstrates the relevance of such evidence base for academic and policy debates on immigrant welfare participation.

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