Dr. Caio Torres Mazzi

Learning, Capabilities and Governance in Global Value Chains

Year: 2021

Neil Foster-McGregor and Carlo Pietrobelli


The objective of this thesis is to understand the conditions under which Global Value Chains (GVCs) favour economic development. My contribution is organized around three main aspects. Firstly, I present in three chapters studies whose common thread is looking at the influence of GVCs upon the performance of firms in the manufacturing sector. Therefore, my focus is on the impact of GVCs at the firm level and on microeconomic issues. Secondly, all studies are essentially empirical and apply econometric methods to survey data. This methodological approach, which is standard in the economic literature, actually departs from most of the GVC literature, which strongly relies on qualitative methods and case studies at the firm-level; and on input-output studies at the aggregate level. Finally, the theoretical framework I adopt is oriented not only by traditional GVC studies but also by technology-gap development theories; and this joint framework explains the main topics of analysis chosen - and cited in the title of this thesis – i.e. learning, capabilities and governance.

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