Dr. Purity Njagi

Financial risk, vulnerability and equity of access to health care services in Kenya

Year: 2021

Wim Groot and Jelena Arseneijvic


This study is underpinned by the global call to achieve universal health coverage (UHC), which embodies equity in access to quality healthcare services and protection against financial risk. However, achievement of UHC has been a daunting task for many governments in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) countries such as Kenya, where mechanisms for financial risk protection are limited. UHC is a priority in Kenya with the commitment to ensure the right to health for the entire population enshrined in the constitution. This promise is further operationalised in the health policy 2013-2030, whose principal focus is to ensure equity in healthcare. Therefore, this study responds to the concerns on how best to ensure equity of access to healthcare services while guaranteeing adequate protection for the most vulnerable against the financial burden of ill health.

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