Dr. Julia Reinold

Essays on Attracting and Retaining Highly Educated Migrants

Year: 2023

Melissa Siegel, Rene Belderbos & Mariska van der Giessen


Highly educated migration has been increasing during the past years and is likely to continue doing so in the future because of improved educational levels worldwide, the move to the knowledge-based economy and growing skills shortages. Despite the importance of highly educated migration and increased interest in the topic by policy makers, employers and scholars alike, the understanding of the field remains insufficient. The aim of this dissertation is to add to a better understanding of the phenomenon of highly educated migration, using an interdisciplinary and mixed methods approach that brings in the views of employers and migrants themselves. The dissertation is paper-based and includes four key analytical chapters that can be read independently. The dissertation structure mirrors the different stages in the migration process from (employers) attracting migrants, (Chapter 2) to migrants’ experiences with settling-in (Chapter 3) and the formation of spatial intentions (Chapter 3), to realising these intentions (Chapter 4). All chapters have important implications for the retention of highly educated migrants.

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