Dr. Emmanuel Buadi Mensah

Premature Deindustrialization and Structural Transformation in Africa

Year: 2020

Neil Foster-McGregor & Bart Verspagen

Selected publications by Emmanuel Buadi Mensah

Articles (journal, professional, popular)
Mensah, Emmanuel Buadi, Solomon Owusu, Neil Foster-McGregor & Adam Szirmai, 2022, `Structural change, productivity growth and labour market turbulence in Sub-Saharan Africa, Journal of African Economies, More information
Konte, Maty, Wilfried A. Kouamé & Emmanuel Buadi Mensah, 2022, `Structural reforms and labor productivity growth in developing countries: Intra or inter-reallocation channel?, The World Bank Economic Review, 36, More information

UNU-MERIT Working Papers
Owusu, Solomon, Gideon Ndubuisi & Emmanuel Buadi Mensah, 2022, Import penetration and manufacturing employment: Evidence from Africa, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2022-007
Mensah, Emmanuel Buadi, 2020, Is sub-Saharan Africa deindustrializing?, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2020-045
Mensah, Emmanuel Buadi, Solomon Owusu & Neil Foster-McGregor, 2020, Productive efficiency, technological change and catch up within Africa, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2020-033
Mensah, Emmanuel Buadi, Solomon Owusu, Neil Foster-McGregor & Adam Szirmai, 2018, Structural change, productivity growth and labour market turbulence in Africa, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2018-025
Mensah, Emmanuel Buadi & Adam Szirmai, 2018, Africa Sector Database (ASD): Expansion and update, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2018-020

Research reports
Konte, Maty & Emmanuel Buadi Mensah, 2020, Mapping Paper for "Work and income for young men and women in Africa; a political economy and social equity approach to the employment potential of specific sectors and sub-sectors in African economies’, Overview of current research initiatives in this field, the methodology and data used, the African countries currently covered in the existing studies and the experts and institutes who are involved in these different projects. In addition, the mapping highlights the knowledge gaps on structural economic transformation/change and income and productive employment for youth and women that need to be filled to inform policies that will help African countries to prepare for an inclusive 4th industrial revolution
Osei Kwadwo, Victor & Emmanuel Buadi Mensah, 2016, District creation in Ghana: A political expedience or poverty alleviation mechanism?, Imani Center for Policy and Education, More information

Mensah, Emmanuel Buadi, 2020, Structural change in developing countries: Patterns, causes, and consequences, PhD dissertation Maastricht University / United Nations University