Dr. Tamara A. Kool

Beyond the Right to Work: Labour Market Engagement of Protracted Refugees through a Social Exclusion Lens

Year: 2022

Khalid Koser, Zina S. Nimeh and Lutz Krebs


Engagement of refugees in the labour market – whether formal or informal – should not be seen as an objective in itself but rather there is a need to critically assess to what extent and under what conditions refugees are able to access the labour market differently from the host community and which role policy has in shaping their engagement. Incorporating a social exclusion framework, this thesis seeks to better understand the role of refugee-related policies pertaining to status, camp and right to work in shaping the labour market engagement of protracted refugees. It furthermore is able to account for both between and within group differences of protracted refugee groups. 

This is explored within the context of Jordan, by examining the labour market engagement of Syrian and Palestinian refugees using a mixed methods approach. By considering the past and recent inflows into Jordan, this study provides insight into determinants of and dynamics behind labour market participation of refugees over time, and also allows for a juxtaposition of camp and urban refugees. It thus not only contributes to the ongoing debate on labour market participation of refugees but also informs the understanding on how policies shape the different rights of refugees and their subsequent labour market outcomes.?

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