Dr. Janyl Moldalieva

Playing the 'Game' of Transparency and Accountability in Kyrgyzstan's Natural Resource Governance

Year: 2020

Prof Dr T. Blom, Prof Dr J. Heathershaw, Dr Z. Nimeh


Natural resources can become a catalyst for growth and development in resource-rich developing countries if they are governed in a transparent and accountable manner. Unlocking the potential of the (extractive) resource sector requires addressing transparency and accountability as a crosscutting theme along the global value chains. The value chain analysis must begin with unpacking how such global and neoliberal notions as transparency and accountability are deployed in practice, especially in resource-rich developing countries. Focusing on mining communities, this dissertation carefully dissects how and what kind of transparency and accountability are enacted by actors in Kyrgyzstan. It critically reflects on the existing accounts that foreground elite strategies and political machines in the governance of post-Soviet societies and points to the need to explore non-elite agency in governing natural resources. The dissertation deconstructs resource politics in Kyrgyzstan by shedding light on how community power and networks are leveraged to play the 'game’ of transparency and accountability in resource governance.

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