Dr. Ali Safarnejad

Prioritizing the HIV Response A multi-criteria decision analysis

Year: 2017

Wim Groot & Milena Pavlova


As the political and financial will to end the AIDS epidemic wanes, it is critically important to consider how to rationally use the diminishing resources to reduce HIV infections, AIDS related deaths, and stigma and discrimination toward key affected people. This thesis considers the appropriateness and applicability of the multi-criteria decision analysis framework for prioritizing the HIV response. The relevant criteria for prioritization are explored and the availability and use of evidence for planning and policy are studied. The research identifies the relative importance of criteria for prioritization and highlights the utility and feasibility of multi-stakeholder participation in decision-making for prioritizing the HIV response in the context of a lower middle-income country with a concentrated HIV epidemic, Viet Nam.

Selected publications by Ali Safarnejad

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Conference contributions
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