Dr. Sophie Gysan

Strategy Implementation and Decision Making in the Broader MNC Network

Year: 2023

John Hagedoorn & Hans van Kranenburg


This thesis sheds light on the sources of heterogeneity in strategy implementation across the multinational company (MNC) network by means of three empirical studies that all rely on data on goodwill decision-making gathered at a major European automobile manufacturer. Goodwill refers to covering repair costs for a customer after the product warranty has expired with the intention to increase customer loyalty. The findings reveal 1) how cross-country and within-country differences determine whether goodwill decisions should be made by headquarters, by national subsidiaries, or even by individual dealers, 2) why subsidiaries may differ in how they implement the same corporate goodwill strategy that was formulated at MNC headquarters leading to cross country heterogeneity, and 3) how differences in channel partner characteristics affect dealers’ ability and willingness to implement MNC strategy and make goodwill decisions on behalf of the MNC.

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