Dr. Tigist Mekonnen Melesse

Grow More Food Using Fewer Resources: Agricultural Technology Adoption and Innovation Practices for Inclusive and Sustainable Development

Year: 2016

Theophile Azomahou


The dissertation is about modernising the agricultural sector in the developing world, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa where agriculture is the main economic driver. The dissertation has six chapters which comprehensively discuss the small-scale agricultural production system and application of modern inputs on various potential performance indicators of outcomes. Using large household survey data from International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) and World Bank (WB), the dissertation follows both single and multi-level treatment effect approaches which is unique and represents a departure from previous impact evaluation studies which relied on single treatment effects. The dissertation provides empirical evidence on investing in agriculture is the best option against hunger and poverty, and making life better for millions of people in rural Sub-Saharan Africa.

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