Dr. Katrin Marchand

Essays on Forced Migration and Labour Market Participation

Year: 2018

Wim Naudé & Melissa Siegel


In the light of the current migration and displacement dynamics taking place around the world, this dissertation explores the labour market participation of forced migrants and their households in the context of developing countries. Case studies based on unique datasets from Afghanistan, Burundi, and Rwanda, which contain information on both migration experiences and labour market activities, allowed the investigation of four research questions to which answers are largely lacking for developing country contexts at this stage. The findings highlight the relevance of the respective context in which forced migrants and their households live during displacement as well as upon return, as well as the importance of different kinds of capital (financial, human, and social) as determinants of the labour market activities of forced migrants specifically, as well as the wider populations considered in the analysis more generally. Only when understanding the linkages between forced migration and labour market outcomes, such as the ones discussed in this dissertation, will stakeholders be able to make informed choices about interventions and policies that will be beneficial to all involved and further the self-reliance of forced migrants during displacement as well we their sustainable reintegration upon return.

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