Dr. Ibrahim Conteh

Natural Hazards and Education: The Impact of Floods on Primary School Education in Zambia

Year: 2015

Wim Naudé and Georg Frerks

Children living in flood prone areas in Zambia are at risk of not being able to complete primary school because of yearly floods. Although education is a major contributor to social and economic development (Psacharopoulos, 1988) and must therefore be given due attention, the government of Zambia has not addressed this issue seriously. Presently, there is no empirical evidence on the damage floods inflict on the education of children in Zambia, nor have there been any policy development in this regard. This research therefore seeks to evaluate the impact of floods on the education of primary school children in Zambia. The research will contribute to the academic debate on the cause and effect relationship of floods on primary school education in developing countries. A case study of a community in the floodplains in western Zambia will be designed using phenomenology approach. Qualitative data collection and analysis methods will be used for this study.

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