Alumni profile

Lenka Eisenhamerová

Thesis: Legitimacy of 'Humanitarian Military Intervention', 2011

Promotor(s): Chris de Neubourg & Jan Hanousek

Educational Background
2005-2006 - Double Master degree programme (Master in European Studies - Maastricht University, the Netherlands & Magister in Europastudium - Aachen University, Germany)
Master thesis topic: Effectiveness of the EU “Actorness” in international crisis management

Research Interest
The main focus of my current research project is on the effectiveness of humanitarian military interventions. In the first phase of the research, I am evaluating legitimacy of the highly debated concept of “humanitarian” military intervention (HMI) within a broader framework of the Just War Theory (JWT).  First of all, I am empirically testing the success of HMI in achieving humanitarian goals, measured in terms of decreased conflict severity and duration. Afterwards, I am exploring, which remaining JWT criteria are empirically conditional for the presence of a humanitarian effect of a military intervention.

On December 21, 2011 Lenka successfully defended her PhD thesis.

Selected publications by Lenka Eisenhamerová