Dr. Lenka Eisenhamerová

Legitimacy of 'Humanitarian Military Intervention'

Year: 2011

Chris de Neubourg & Jan Hanousek

Moral and legal justification of the 'humanitarian military intervention' (HMI) concept and its applications are highly problematic undertakings. This study proposes a radical departure from the difficult normative debates by empirically assessing the degree of 'humanitarianism' behind 1114 cases of military interventions in the period of 1946-2005. The novelty of this approach is based on a systematic evaluation of the 'humanitarianism' behind the 'motives and means' of individual military interventions on the one hand, and of the 'humanitarianism' behind their 'outcomes' on the other hand. The findings of the study indicate that it is really possible to achieve 'humanitarian ends' using 'military means', but only under the limited circumstances.

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