Dr. Bernard Nikaj

From no-government to e-government

Year: 2017

Friso den Hertog & Antonio Cordella


In the last two decades the creation of new states and state-building in post-conflict situations has been in the focus of both policy-making and academic research. Various factors have been deemed to play an important role in the success and failure of state-building tasks. One of the most omitted actors in the process of state-building has been ICT. This thesis looks at the issue of building modern state administrations in post-conflict countries, with particular focus on the role of ICTs in aiding these administrations. In order to achieve its aim, this thesis presents the case of Case Management Information System (CMIS) and its implementation in the justice sector of Kosovo. Through tracking the process of conception, implementation and development of the CMIS and the interplay of different actors involved, this thesis will argue that ICTs are not just an enabling factor, but a rather active actor in building and defining the nature of the institutions in which they operate.

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