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Niels Peter Groen

Thesis: The never-ending project; understanding E-government Project Escalation, 2015

Promotor(s): P. Vergauwen and B. Furnaux

Research title:
Bad behaviour in E-government Projects - Investigating the Effects of Stakeholder Behaviour on Cost Escalation within E-government Projects

Main research question:
What is the effect of stakeholder behaviour on cost escalation in e-government projects?

E-government projects are noted for their difficulty in successfully balancing time, budget, and quality requirements. Considering the specific context of the public sector, the impact of stakeholder behaviour on cost escalation within e-government projects has been recognized and emphasised in the literature, however scarcely researched. Using Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) and case study research, the proposed research seeks to investigate this relationship and contribute to the literature with empirical findings and an integrative view of stakeholder behaviour impacting costs in different phases of the e-government project life cycle.


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