Alumni profile

Sonja Fransen

Thesis: The economic and social effects of remittances and return migration in conflict-affected areas: The case of Burundi, 2015

Promotor(s): Valentina Mazzucato, Khalid Koser and Carlos Vargas-Silva

Educational background
Master in Clinical Health Psychology, Tilburg University, the Netherlands
Pre-master year of Development Studies, Radboud University, the Netherlands
Research Master in Social Cultural Sciences, Radboud University, the Netherlands

Research interests
Sonja graduated in 2009 from the University of Nijmegen. For her thesis she conducted research in Rwanda, and looked at how financial remittances impacted household income and wealth. Currently, Sonja is part of the IS-Academy project of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and is working on the Migration and Development Program, headed by the Graduate School of Governance. In her work she focuses on the relationship between return migration and socio-economic development in Burundi and on the effect of remittances on development processes in the country.


Selected publications by Sonja Fransen