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Florian Henning

Thesis: Interoperability governance and standards adoption in government information networks, 2015

Promotor(s): Robin Cowan, Rita Walczuch & Victor Bekkers

At UNU-MERIT/MGSOG, Florian is part of Research Group 7 "ICT-enabled Innovation and Societal Transformations". Florian's research at UNU-MERIT/MGSOG concentrates on the fields of electronic governance and collaborative governance networks. In particular, his research interests cover government information sharing, interoperability in electronic governance, mobile governance, ICT for development (ICT4D), diffusion/adoption of public-sector innovations, and network governance. Florian is working on his dissertation entitled "Living up to Standards - Interoperability Governance and Standards Adoption in Government Information Networks". In his dissertation, Florian focuses on the adoption of interoperability standards that support the exchange of information within multi-organisational networks providing public services. In particular, he investigates the process of standards adoption, the implications it has for organisations in such networks, the drivers and barriers behind organisations' intention to adopt standards, and how to best approach the governance of standardisation within such networks. Next to his research, Florian also is teaching post-graduate students at Master and PhD levels, as well as providing trainings to professionals. He has also been involved in various e-learning initiatives at UNU-MERIT/MGSOG.


Selected publications by Florian Henning