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Dorcas Mbuvi

Thesis: Utility reforms and performance of the Urban Water Sector in Africa, 2012

Promotor(s): Pierre Mohnen, Sergio Perelman and Klaas Schwartz

Dorcas is a researcher at UNU-MERIT and in charge of the FINISH-INK project, where the institute is tasked with its impact assessment. She is also involved in several research collaborations with diverse institutions including UNU-INWEH (United Nations University – Institute for Water, Environment and Health at McMaster University, Canada) and UNU-EHS (Institute for Environment and Human Security in Bonn, Germany). She is a founding member, lecturer and coordinator of the Risk and Vulnerability specialization; that is part of the MSc in Public Policy and Human Development at Maastricht University (Netherlands). She teaches several undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate courses; supervises; advises and mentors students as well as reviews manuscripts for publication in diverse international peer review journals. Dorcas has a PhD in Economics and Governance from Maastricht University (Netherlands). Her research interests span a variety of themes including: public policy analysis & impact assessment; disaster risk assessment, reduction & financing; financial inclusion & inclusive economic development; integrated natural resource management & governance; productivity & efficiency analysis; and water, sanitation, energy & health nexus.


Selected publications by Dorcas Mbuvi