Alumni profile

Francesca Guadagno

Thesis: Why have so few countries industrialised?, 2015

Promotor(s): Bart Verspagen & Adam Szirmai

Francesca is PhD fellow at UNU-MERIT since September 2010. She studied Economics and Management of Innovation (BA and MSc) at Bocconi University and obtained a second Master in Management of Innovation from the Rotterdam School of Management.
In her first master thesis, Francesca analyzed the industrial dynamics of the ICT sector in China and India in the last two decades. Her second master thesis was written during an internship at the Dutch Patent Office in Den Haag. Here she investigated the role of geographical proximity for knowledge generation in the Eindhoven cluster.
After the completion of her masters, she worked as a research assistant at Kites-Cespri (Bocconi University, Milan). At KITES Francesca participated in a EU-funded project and contributed to a study on network dynamics in the ICT sector.
Her research interests cover the broad research area of innovation and development, and in particular the role of industrialization and industrial, innovation, science and technology policies for growth. Francesca is currently working on her PhD dissertation on the determinants of industrialization and the role of industrial policies in emerging economies.


Selected publications by Francesca Guadagno