Dr. Fatoumata Diallo

Evaluation of meal and deworming programs for primary schools in rural Senegal

Year: 2014

Théophile Azomahou, Wladimir Raymond & Abdoulaye Diagne

Program evaluation is an important tool to inform policy makers about the effectiveness of programs and the efficient allocation of resources. Several studies have examined the impact of school feeding and deworming programs on educational outcomes in developing countries. However, conflicting evidence still exists regarding the effectiveness of these programs on school performance. Also, there are little evidences on the cost effectiveness of these programs. Although nutritional and health experiences have been developed in recent years in Senegal, there is no empirical study gearing towards assessing the impacts of meal and deworming programs on educational outcomes, that also addresses issues related to the complementarity or substitutability of the two programs. This thesis aims at filling this gap. We use experimental and quasi-experimental data and rely on both program evaluation and structural approaches.

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