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Alejandro Lavopa

Thesis: Structural transformation and economic development. Can development traps be avoided?, 2015

Promotor(s): Adam Szirmai & Bart Verspagen

Alejandro is PhD fellow at UNU-MERIT since September 2009. He obtained his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Economics at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), Argentina. After graduating he worked as research and teaching assistant at the UBA’s Faculty of Economic Sciences.
His main research interests include economic development, innovation, structural change and industrial policy. His current research aims at studying the process of technological catch-up as an avenue to escape low- and middle-income traps. His work on these topics resulted in working papers, book chapters and has been presented in several international conferences. Alejandro has also been involved in several projects commissioned by international organizations, such as the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and World Bank’s International Finance Corporation (IFC).



Selected publications by Alejandro Lavopa