Diaspora economics: New perspectives

Amelie Constant & Klaus F. Zimmermann


Purpose: Introduce a new field and suggest a new research agenda

Findings: Diaspora economics is more than a new word for migration economics. It opens a new strand to political economy. Diaspora is perceived to be a well-defined group of migrants and their offspring with a joined cultural identity and ongoing identification with the country or culture of origin. This implies the potential to undermine the nation-state. Diasporas can shape policies in the host countries.

Design/methodology/approach: Combine ethnicity, migration and international relations into a new thinking. Provide a typology of diaspora and a thorough evaluation of its role and the roles of the home and host countries.

Originality/Value: Provide a new understanding of global human relations.

Keywords: Diaspora economics, ethnicity, migration, nation-state

JEL Classification: F22, F24, F66, F68, J61

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