How do ICT firms in Turkey manage innovation? Diversity in expertise versus diversity in markets

Semih Akçomak, Erdal Akdeve & Derya Fındık


This paper provides a novel taxonomy of firms based on specialization versus diversification in production and markets. Firms may choose to specialize on few production activities or alternatively may build expertise in many activities. There is an accompanying decision when firms sell their products: whether to serve few or many markets. We argue that the location on the specialization-diversification spectrum significantly affects how firms manage innovation. For a sample of 90 innovator ICT firms in Ankara we find that cooperation structure, sources of innovation and funding of R&D display statistically significant different patterns according to the specialization-diversification taxonomy.

Key words: management of innovation, core competency, expertise building, R&D, ICT

JEL: O32, L22, L86

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