A set of time series data labour market stocks and flows for the Netherlands 1980 to 2010

Manuel Müllers, Joan Muysken & Erik de Regt


In this paper we present data on flows in the labour market for the period 1980 - 2010, which have been constructed using various sources. The focus of our analysis is on four labour market states within the working age population of age 15 - 64: Employment, Unemployment, Not working and Disabled. A comparison is provided with the earlier studies of Broersma and den Butter (1994) and Kock (1998), and with the data published by the CBS from the labour force survey (EBB). The latter comparison is also used to indicate the presence of the time aggregation bias in the CBS data.

Key words: labour market flows, time aggregation bias, the Netherlands

JEL-code: J60, J63, J64, J82

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